Today we are talking about company culture and also explain the term in more depth since it is getting thrown around more and more these days with really grasping substance.

I am joined by Carl Rosendahl former President of PDI (Pacific Data Images) a company that started working on visual effects, producing computer-generated graphics for broadcast networks, TV shows, commercials and films such as “Batman Forever,” “The Arrival,” “Terminator 2,” and “Toys”. They later expanded into feature animation, with 1998’s “Antz” followed by “Shrek” in 2001 which went on to win the Oscar for best animated feature in 2002. DreamWorks acquired PDI in 2000 renaming it PDI/DreamWorks.

Enjoy the Show!

YouTube :

00:11 - Introduction
01:54 - Carls history & PDI
05:33 - definition of company culture
13:38 - starting company culture
25:06 - financial transparency
30:44 - working with criticism
35:09 - vision forms culture
41:47 - failing in execution
49:08 - fake company culture
60:29 - communicate culture
64:29 - simple steps to create company culture
67:49 - Resume
70:54 - Outro

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